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Major focus on baby foods

For more than 30 years PBC has made it its business to provide the private label market with the highest quality products with a major focus on baby foods. Our business Mission is to be perceived by our clients as a supplier of choice for baby products.

Private Brands Consortium PBC inc is an important nutritionals private label supplier focusing on early years food products. The one stop to make when considering a PL supplier for your brands of baby foods.

PBC offers a complete selection of baby foods in a variety of textures, flavors, packaging options and is always in tune with the new and innovative trends in packaged goods.

Based in Canada with strategic alliances and facilities around the World, PBC is a trusted supplier to many North American food and drug retailers and wholesale outlets with whom it has built a proven track record of reliability and flexibility.

As a fully integrated innovator, PBC is often perceived as only one step removed from the manufacturing process. Much more than a distributor PBC works hand in hand with corporate buyers and brokerage firms to ensure wide availability and constant innovation.

An in-house R&D department ensures that all its clients’ products are up to national brand standards with respect to taste, texture and content characteristics. Actively working with suppliers PBC focuses on unique and novel sourcing, matching suppliers with ideas and retailers with their customers.

Never compromising on food safety and very much aware of the importance of consumer acceptance, we deal only with the best manufacturers, comply with government standards and ensure that all certifications are present so your customers can buy your brands with confidence.

Our expert teams can provide you with the necessary insight to ensure that your brands are always perceived as being the best alternative to the national brands they are intended to match.

PBC truly is a Supplier of Choice for those important first foods.

In addition, PBC also offers a wide range of almond and other non-dairy beverages, ready-to use broths, nutritional products such as : bars, powders and drinks.

Major focus on baby foods

Dedicated design and logistics teams make sure that all products are where they should be, at the right time and place, looking just right.

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